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SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services with High Performance

11/05/2018 - 07:23

Professional Services with High Performance

Reach your organization’s full potential by automating and optimizing your business processes, enabling your employees to work at their best, supporting better decision making with integrated analytics, and using collaboration features that enable rapid integration of clients and partners into your business processes

A single cloud ERP solution for fast-growing, mid-market businesses to scale and compete without complexity and cost. Connect every function across your company to time-tested best practices and in-depth analytics. SAP Business ByDesign not only help your business overcome and solve specific needs and challenges but also manage all core business processes simply and intelligently with a single ERP system. It will simplify IT and enhance your business productivity (75% faster business processes, 3 times faster closing processes, 7x reduction in database size, 25% improvement in order fulfillment, 20% decrease in manufacturing errors and 15% decrease in procurement cost). With SAP Professional Services package that have capabilities and benefits: fast deploy in 8 weeks, cloud based supported, end to end ERP package, run real-time, affordable, simple to use, insightful, mobility, adaptable, scalable, customer services and securities, SAP assists your businesses run better, grow quickly, go globally, increase sales, dominate your markets and most importantly transform your organizations.

Companies in Professional Service industries such as technology, security, consulting, design and others want to manage their projects with an end-to-end process solution from customer approach, identify potential opportunities, project implementation, budget management, schedules, costs, payments for business partners, to determine profit and loss for each project.

This package will provide users with Public Cloud infrastructure and S/4 HANA database. Everything will be accomplished in 8 weeks with CITEK’s accelerated methodology

From project start-up, budgeting, cost estimates from internal and external resources to create quotes and contracts for customers, etc. can be done entirely on the system.

Anywhere, managers and employees with laptops, mobile devices, can access the system to update, monitor data and status of the project. Real-time data is extremely vital to business.

Work plan and engaging plan in company projects from individuals, is visually reflective so that managers can make immediate decisions based on the available resources of the business.

Mobility is a fantastic response for project personnel who are not working at the same location where they can edit employees timesheet, record time spent on each project, vacation plan, and overtime.

This information also helps managers to evaluate the KPI for each employee based on timeline of the plan, ability to complete tasks with the best quality, the foundation for improving the company’s management capacity.

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