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Maison Join Stock Company – Implementation SAP ERP on HANA

23/05/2017 - 16:43

Maison Join Stock Company – Implementation SAP ERP on HANA

Launched in 2002 by a brilliant fashion-addict couple, Maison Joint Stock Company (Maison) quickly became one of the largest  fashion distributors in Vietnam. Maison has a strong history of introducing the most high-end and luxurious International fashion brands to Vietnam. Following the success of our very first store, Maison is now the home to more than 21 worldwide recognized brands  with more to come in 2016. We are committed to bringing new and hot trends to town for our loyal fashion lovers to drown in an endless sense of style.

Currently, MAISON is trading through more than 50 stores.

Implementing SAP ERP on platform HANA to help MAISON automate business processes, improve operational efficiency and decision-making through real-time multidimensional data analysis. The application of SAP ERP also to helps MAISON better understand the needs of customers in the domestic market, in order to develop products and services according to the preferences of each group, specific customers.

CITEK is a partner to provide maintenance services and support to operate SAP ERP system on HANA platform for MAISON.


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